Construction Defect Accounting 15 years                Yes                No 

Owned by Accountant                                                 Yes                No

Custom Software                                                         Yes               Yes

Dedicated Staff each with 5 years exp.                    Yes                  ?

Attorney on Staff                                                          Yes                No

Review Vendor Invoices                                             Yes               Yes

Fixed Fee 2.5%                                                           Yes               Yes

Speaker at Seminars                                                  Yes                No

Pay Vendors Directly                                                  Yes                 ?

No hourly fees added to bill                                        Yes                 ?

Full-time programmer                                                  Yes              Yes

Reimbursement calculations                                      Yes                  ?

Instant Recalculation of changes                               Yes                Yes

Invoices and payments scanned                               Yes                  ?

Staff available during PST                                          Yes                  ?

Regular check writing (pay vendors)                          Yes                  ?

Over 50 standard reports                                            Yes                  ?

Verify invoice & reconcile                                            Yes                  ?

Verify payments & reconcile                                       Yes                   ?

Client Accounts for each matter                                 Yes                   ?

Located in Southern California                                   Yes                  No

Extensive accounting experience                               Yes                  ?

Dedicated CD employees                                           Yes                  ?

Automated SIR accounting                                          Yes                  ?

Email of reports and back-up images                        Yes                  ?

Two full time case managers                                       Yes                  ?