LCC is the nation’s premier CD accounting firm. What differentiates LCC from our competitors is SERVICE and experience. LCC has been performing CD accounting before any of our competitors. With over 1,000 matters and over $450,000,000 in CD invoices processed since 1989, LCC is by far the largest provider of CD accounting services.

Our dedicated staff, each with over 5 years experience at LCC, is responsible for assisting our clients in every aspect of their involvement with LCC. We insure that the vendor balances are accurate, that vendors are paid quickly, that bills are sent monthly to payers, and that any problems and concerns are answered promptly, by a trained LCC staff member.

LCC utilizes SCALE, a proprietary software designed to track all invoices, payments, etc. LCC also scans every invoice and payment to allow payers and vendors to quickly obtain copies or view all invoices and payments. LCC’s full time programmer is constantly adding features requested by our clients. There is never a charge for this customization, and it is one reason why clients continue to recommend LCC to other law firms and insurance adjusters.

Features of LCC Services and Software

8 experienced staff members each with over 5 years experience
Complete scanning of every invoice and payment received by LCC
Electronic delivery of reports and copies of invoices to adjusters, law firm and vendors
Complete verification of balances with all vendors and payers
Most sophisticated software to track and automatically calculate:
Tender dates
Settlement dates
Pre-tender dates
Self-insured retention
SIR requirements
Sharing of one “unit” by more than one payer
Agreed upon settlement for a stated dollar amount
Direct payment to vendors
Reduction to vendor or legal billing based on overcharges, billing rates, etc.
Account and vendor reconciliation
Scanned document depository (LCC retains image of invoices and payments)
NEW: Automatic email notification of funds deposit. Those needing to know are notified by email whenever LCC receives payment.

We challenge any of our competitors to allocate the vendor invoices in complex cases that include SIR, pre-tender, settlement dates, stated dollar settlement, multiple party sharing for one insured, different rates applied to different shares, and multiple payment tiers. And more importantly than being able to handle this level of complexity, LCC’s software “re-calculates” outstanding balances (both payers and vendor) virtually instantly.

A representative of LCC is here during working hours to answer your questions. Rather than rely on our software or reports, LCC prides itself on our interfacing with our clients and case vendors. LCC is a service company, not a software company. We have the world’s best software, but we are the world’s best service provider. That is what makes LCC unique and exceptional.