Brad has worked on some of the nation’s largest legal fee audits, including the Exxon Valdez, the Hillbloom Estate litigation, and has worked for both private individuals, insurers, law firms and corporations. In additoin, he has prepared reports relied up by courts, arbitrators, mediators, and independent experts. Brad has worked with Jim Schratz, Ken Moscaret, Lewis Brisbois, Meckler Bulger, and numerous other law firms and experts.

In September, 2011, Brad testified in a major fee dispute in Los Angeles Superior Court and represented an insurance carrier that was fending off the opposition of another insurance carrier. The issue was the reasonableness of the underlying defense bills.  The Court adopted Brad’s position and rejected, entirely, the position of the opposing expert.

LCC uses proprietary software to analyze legal bills. For over 20 years, Brad Malamud has reviewed over

5,000 legal matters to determine whether the fees are reasonable, or are excessive, unnecessary, duplicative, the rates were improperly increased, block billing was used, fixed charges were applied to certain activities, attorneys were performing paralegal or even secretarial level activities, or other billing issues were involved.
LCC has audited numerous large matters, and specializing in litigation or corporate representation in excess of $1,000,000. However, on occasion, LCC will analyze legal billing totaling $500,000+.

LCC’s services are always billed at an agreed upon fee. The fee is all inclusive and includes: Data processing, verification, allocation of fees and costs, analyzing the job title for each biller (including the date of admission of attorneys, categorization of costs, and print out or electronic PDF delivery of reports. The reports are the back-up for critical analysis of the billing are relied upon by experts, arbitrators, mediators, litigators and corporate representative to determine the amount that should have been properly billed (or to determine excessive or improper fees and costs).


LCC uses proprietary software to analyze legal bills. The software allows LCC to insure that the amounts billed were actually submitted on the billing. The bills are separated by biller. Billing rates are analyzed. Fees are allocated to the work performed. Internal conferencing is identified. The software confirms: weekend billing, billing increments, billing rates, block billing, duplication, incorrect rates applied, math errors and other similar problems. Similarly, costs are categorized. 

Brad Malamud reviews each fee and cost item and allocates or categorizes fees and costs. The resulting reports are used by mediators, arbitrators and experts.